About Me

Who am I?

I am (or was) ...
a native Virgin Islander, an ocean dweller, a hurricane survivor;
a HCSSiM alumna, a lapsed mathematician and math historian, a yellow pig enthusiast;
a Simon's Rock alumna, a liberal artist;
a philosopher of an analytic bent, with a particular interest in history and philosophy of science;
a lover of languages, a bibliophile, a sometimes-writer, an amateur linguist;
a Linux user since 1998, an open source enthusiast, a wikipedia editor;
a systems administrator, a site reliability engineer, a mostly self-taught programmer, a security-minded person, an engineering manager, a long-time Googler;
a woman, a person with a chronic medical condition, an intersectional feminist, an activist;
an advocate for tech ethics, privacy, and pseudonymity/autonymity;
a thinker, an educator, and a seeker of knowledge.

Other personal info and miscellanea:

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