Sara Smollett

tl;dr: Linux, Debian, Python, Google SRE, Mountain View, manager, Spanner, Google Calendar, systems design, high-availability, monitoring, disaster recovery, resource utilization, release automation, security, intrusion detection, privacy, AI ethics, a11y, D&I, replicated MySQL, Wikimedia, puppet, WHOI, NetReg, Perl, Apache, BIND, DHCPd, Simon's Rock, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, Postfix, Cisco and Linux routers, physical networking, Ada Initiative advisor, Tufts, M.A. Philosophy, B.A. Math & Computer Science, computational linguistics, NLP, NLTK

Site Reliability Engineer, Systems Engineer - Manager II

Employment history:

Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA (Sep 2012 - ):

The Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco, CA (Dec 2011 - Sep 2012):

Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA (Oct 2005 - Aug 2011):

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA (Nov 2003 - Sep 2005):

Simon's Rock College, Great Barrington, MA (May 2000 - Oct 2003):

Undergraduate experience:

Diversity and inclusion:



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