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Unless stated otherwise, all contents of this site is copyright myself, Sara Smollett. I'm open to licensing most and photos under a non-commercial Creative Commons License by request (e.g, for use on Wikipedia, not for your facial recognition training data set).

I've tried to keep this site clean, simple, and navigable. This means legible fonts, high color contrast, wide margins, minimal images (with alt tags and/or captions), a site which is viewable in text-only web browsers, and a sitemap. The HTML is, or was, W3C standards compliant, and has been tested in many web browsers (though perhaps not in the last decade). If it looks like this site was designed in the 1990s, that's because it was. :)

I put up this site in 1997 on a college server, and then moved it in 1998 to my own Linux machine, running Apache on Debian GNU/Linux on an i486. I still host this site although it has moved a few times over the years: from one college to another and then across the US, from one PC to another to one Mac and then another, from Debian to OpenBSD to Ubuntu and then back to Debian, and finally to Google Cloud in 2020.

The content and design have been expanded a few times as well, but much of the original content remains. The HTML was written using a smattering of text editors (mostly vim, but also pico, nano, and joe at various times), as well as TTH and LaTeX2HTML. Icons are PNGs and JPGs generated with GraphicConverter.

Photos are served using Gallery with a MySQL backend. Thet of the site has used bits of CSS2, PHP, Perl, and Python over the years. SSL certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt or Google.

Note to students: Plagiarism is not at all appreciated. Seriously, don't do it: you'll miss out on an opportunity to learn, and you'll probably get caught. I've had two professors contact me about plagiarized papers. Teachers: If you believe any of these works to have been plagiarized, let me know.

Opinions expressed on this site are solely mine and are not representative of my current or previous employers, friends, or anyone else.

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