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[icon] About Me:
My resumé, blog, and more.
[icon] Yellow Pigs:
The Yellow Pig Songbook, yellow pig pictures, and facts about the number 17.
[icon] Computers:
Linux installation guides, resources on women in computing, intro Python tutorial and more.
[icon] Pseudonymity:
Pseudonymity and Google+, how to support pseudonyms, and links about pseudonymity and Google's "Real Names" policy.
[icon] Linguistics:
Creolistics and sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, and formal linguistics.
[icon] Analytic Philosophy:
Papers on philosophy of science, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and law.
[icon] Alice in Mathland:
My undergrad thesis: "Alice in Mathland: A Mathematical Fantasy" (PDF).
[icon] Literary Essays:
Hawthorne and Melville and other literature papers I wrote as an undergrad.
[icon] Creative Writings:
Poems, stories, essays, and parodies that I wrote, mostly in college.
[icon] Virgin Islands:
Visitor recommendations, Virgin Islanders in the Harlem Renaissance, Hurricane Hugo, and more.
[icon] Photos:
My photo albums.

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