Prime Warp (Paul Feldman)

(to the tune of RHPS Time Warp)

It's so boring
Time is crawling
Pizza's getting cold
Must think clearly
Not for very much longer
Feels like I'm ...
About to fold

I remember
He did it this morning
It seemed
So trivial then
The mistake would hit me
And a voice would be calling

Let's try the problem again!
Let's try the problem again!
You just add four to the left
And cancel out on the right
You switch your p's and q's
I used to think I was bright.
But it's the problem set
Which really drives you insa-a-a-a-ane
Let's try the problem again!

It's so dreary
Fermat's number theory
It's making me weary
No, please, no more
In another dimension
I lose all comprehension
My attention
Is getting weak.

With a bit of the mind flip
I'm in for a sign flip
And just nothing can ever be the same
If I could only remember
That @#$%&*! lemma
Let's try the problem again!

Well I was working pretty hard, just a' trying to think.
When it came to my mind that I could use a drink
Well I shook it up, I kicked it in the side
I even put in money, I swear I tried
How'm I gonna get my caffeine
There ain't nothing in that Coke machine!

(repeat chorus)