The Induction Song (Afra Zomorodian, 1991)

(to the tune of Que sera sera)

When I was just the case of 1
I asked of Kelly, "What can I do?
Can I prove theorems? Can I stake claims?"
These were his words to soothe

Case where n is one,
Whatever is true for you
Might be true for others, too
Case where n is one

When I was just an n+1,
I asked of Kelly, "What will I be?
Others below me are true, you can see
What does this mean for me?"

Case of n+1,
Whatever was true, will be
The proof is not hard to see
Case of n+1

(with feeling!)
Case of an-y n,
You'll never have falsity
Induction's so e-z
It will never end
Yellow pigs will blend!