The Workshop of Art, Ann, and Bob (1986)

(to the tune of My Favorite Things)

Breakfast at SAGA, then class at 8:30
Notebooks are opened, the chalkboard is dirty,
Everyone's ready, but who's gonna start?
Here is the workshop of Bob, Ann, and Art.

Waking up KJ and squirting the slumpers,
Posets and cosets and theory of numpers,
Not getting quoted's a difficult job,
Here in the workshop of Art, Ann, and Bob.

Jason's whistle,
Eric Schissel,
How can we complain?
They're simply a part of our morning routine
That keeps us from going sane.

Holes into pigeons and proofs to determine,
Guesses of Ganzell and lemmas of Sherman,
Bob's got a proof; find the flaw if you can
Here in the workshop of Bob, Art, and Ann.

Art time is creeping and Bob is confusing,
Louis is sleep and KJ is losing,
Ann's been misspelling her words from the start
Here in the workshop of Bob, Ann, and Art.

Leaving Hampshire
We are damn sure
Will be quite a pain
But we will remember the 17 days
That kept us from going sane.