YP Math Days 2006 Photos

In 2006 I attended the Yellow Pig Math Days - a conference celebrating 34 years of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics.

[Some of Kelly's pigs] A few of Kelly's yellow pigs are on display for the festivities.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] Okay, maybe more than a few.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] Actually a whole room full.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] One year students gave Kelly a signed pig.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] Kelly's collection grows every year.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] Seventeen more pigs.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] Still more pigs.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] A yellow pig book.
[Some of Kelly's pigs] And a yellow pig plate.
[Lecture attendees] Students and alumni attend math lectures.
[Panelists] Alumni panelists tell us about their lives.
[Chromosome 17] We learn the truth about the Human Genome Project.
[YP carols] And sing yellow pig carols.
[1990s alumni] Alumni from the 1990s pose for a group photo.
[Rob and Bob] Getting silly with my former teachers.
[Card game] And it's just like the old days.
[David kelly] Thanks Kelly!

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