Sara Smollett

March 2010

A propeller cap, and a water bottle;
post-it notes and mostly-empty notepads;
headphones, and a laptop battery;
four stuffed penguins;
more than four juggling balls;
bicycle helmet pads;
a TPS report cover sheet;
a massage coupon;
a Swiss Army knife, and a set of screwdrivers;
a chocolate bar from Denmark;
a yellow picnic blanket;
rocks from Alaska;
a My Little Pony hairbrush;
"What would ninja do?" and "What would pony do?" spinner folders;
condoms, in several colors;
many stickers, a puzzle, and a stopwatch;
a fancy notebook, and a hand-made pen;
a glass marble I made;
postcards from France, Dublin, and Wyoming;
a box of loose tea from India, and a packet of instant tea from Mongolia;
a T-shirt with a dinosaur, and another with a rainbow.

A mostly-neglected four-year-old box can contain multitudes.