Months Ago

Sara Smollett

May 24, 1997

Months ago
On the bridge
Yet not over water
I looked up as you
Behind more than a cloud
But I didn't know why
Had no way of knowing why you left
When I found out it was a
Glimpse of an eclipse
I wanted to see more of you
With you
Like months before that
First month
Perched on a stone wall
With you
Watching the light
Watching darkness
Seeing the absence of light
No eyes gouged
Ascent and permission to see
No threat of blindness
For once finally out of the Cave.

And now they say we are lunes
Because Ophelia saw the same moon Juliet did
And now you don't want
To ascend to the throne
Still I go on with who was there
We head up to the light
To the lack of light
As they come down to go up again
The moon becomes secondary
Only joking
Cause the just moon is just the moon
And they are only cows
Shadows of light
But knowing they are

Now I alone see the light
And it is not darkness but true light
Four times the size at least that I have ever seen
And no words can describe
The incredible
The unbelievable
That I scarcely believe myself
With no cuts
No falling
Luminous sign
And despite being only one color
Greater than a rainbow and of Tantalus as well
There is no time
No preservation
The only photo preserved will be that of mind's eye
Wonder if you saw it too
If any of you saw it and thought of me
Because you were remembered and you were alive
And I knew that we were midway
The road was not lost but found
In all of those moments
Guiding light guides to nowhere
But looks down from on high.