This Poem Ends

Sara Smollett

March 16, 1999

melts in your mouth.

did i ever mention that i hate the letter m?
(kinda freudian, isn't it? i didn't think so. i didn't think.)
but if you turn it upside down it's w.
w is better. but is it okay? turning me to we.

ever notice how you're loneliest
when you're not alone?
when someone else says they understand.
and you know they want to and don't.
it's not all so clear cut
for me.

I feel so much better, you say.
you always do.
funny, I don't.
i'm so tired. and i can't sleep.
you had to transfer your sorrow somewhere.
i'm glad i could help.

this poem ends.
that's okay. it's allowed.
endings can be happy
and sad and they can just be
and when it ends, i don't think
this poem will be any sadder.
any madder.

i hate feeling like there's no choice,
like these words are being put into
my mouth.
funny how those m's taste so blue
and bitter.