Sara Smollett

July 7, 2018

A girl plays with her dollhouse:
Two bedrooms,
Living room dining room kitchen.

She reaches in to the bedroom,
Through open top and side,
Repositions a bed which had shifted,
Admires sturdy furniture, closets,
Tiled floor, cabinets,
A candle in the bathroom,
Appliances that look almost usable,
The refrigerator door even opens,
(though she can't open the oven door).

This is play, so she imagines details:
Lit lamps, ceiling fans spinning,
Taking ice cubes out of the freezer,
Pouring herself a glass of water from the sink,
(it's a warm day),
The sounds of a telephone ringing, a TV show.
She makes believe she lives there.

She gets up,
Asks her mom for grocery bags, scissors, tape,
(her mom is busy cleaning, so she finds them herself),
From a brown paper bag she cuts a window-sized square,
She cuts a larger piece from the plastic bag,
Affixes it to the skylight,
(it might rain).

Contemplates it with quiet satisfaction,
Looks at her home.