Joe Random Normal Freshman

Co-written with maenad

September 20, 1997

Picture yourself in an ugly dorm building,
With blue locker closets and clashing brick stairs
Somebody calls you they're calling someone else,
A girl like the others goes by.

Tacky wallpaper of yellow and green,
Concrete slabs over your head.
Look for the girl which one does not matter,
They're the same.

Jo-oe random nor-ormal fre-eshman...

Follow him down to a football game party
Where drunken jock lovers eye drunken jock guys,
Everyone smiles they're wearing J. Crew sweaters,
They're cost so incredibly high.

Five college buses at all the bus stops,
Waiting to take you away.
Run in the quad shouting yellow pigs fly,
Why can't I.

Joe random normal freshman...

Picture yourself in a small two room triple,
With really loud music that just isn't yours,
Suddenly someone is puking on your rug,
Some girl that you don't even know.

Joe random normal freshman...