[icon] About Me:
My resumé, speaker bio, dive log, book log, and more.
[icon] Virgin Islands:
Visitor guide, restaurants, scuba diving, books, hurricanes, The Harlem Renaissance, and linguistics.
[icon] Yellow Pigs:
The Yellow Pig Songbook, pigtures, and 17 facts.
[icon] Alice in Mathland:
A Mathematical Fantasy (PDF).
[icon] Creative Writings:
Poems, stories, personal essays, and song parodies.
[icon] Analytic Philosophy:
Papers on science, law, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology.
[icon] Undergrad Papers:
Hawthorne & Melville, Escher and Hyperbolic Geometry, and more.
[icon] Tech:
Pseudonymity, beginner Python tutorial, and old Linux guides.

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