The most recent foot interventions have been helping a lot, which means I've been more active: going out a few times and having some quite long swims. I caught up with my previous co-manager S who was visiting, had dinner with V & A, and had a joint birthday lunch with P.

And then it was time for another work conference in NY, this time to the fancy Mohonk Mountain House (ooh!, aah!). I was familiar with the area, having gone to school an hour and a half away. Long days of work are hard for me, as is wheelchair transit in a space with erratically sloped floors, but use of the pool, a massage, and good food with an abundance of desserts really takes the edge off. I even got someone to push me on a very short bit of a trail. I enjoyed meeting new people, catching up with people I worked with a decade ago, and especially getting to know the people on my team better.

I took advantage of the location to visit my former housemate A and her husband B in Pittsfield the weekend before the conference. A and I watched B complete a half marathon and then we hung out in a park with other runners and spectators, we talked about gardening and food and work, played board games, got chocolates, and made dinner and ate outside. It was an extremely pleasant weekend; it's hard to believe how infrequently we've seen each other since I moved to California.


Goodbye beta, hello production-ready.

Cloud Spanner is now production-ready.


Work changes.

We moved offices this week. After more than a decade of working in (many different locations in) Mountain View, I'm now in Sunnyvale. What I've seen of the new building is quite nice: a large cafe with many options, exterior light and even something of a view, etc. It will take a while to get used to the space though. All the interior doors that I use regularly are wheelchair accessible; an exterior path is in progress.

In other work news, I have a full team again, with a returning person and a transfer. And I got promoted. :)


Doctors and gardening.

My foot is still plaguing me, with some days better than others. I've had some more rounds of doctors appointments. I'm trying another medication, which makes me sleepy but is pretty effective, and I had another nerve block. And I'm still swimming of course. I've also managed to get a mostly wheelchair-accessible route at work, and I've used a wheelchair a few times. I'm still not entirely comfortable using a wheelchair at work, but it does mean I'm in less pain at the end of the day. We're moving to a new office soon, and I'm figuring out the route there as well.

All the citrus plants flowered. We harvested our beets. Our tomato plants have gotten tall and the first tomatoes are already changing color.

Happy International Worker's Day!


Fetin' again.

Happy VI Carnival!


100 years ago

the Danish West Indies (Dansk Vestindien) became the US Virgin Islands. Today marks the Virgin Islands Transfer Centennial! For more history, see The Danish National Archives site.


Mostly tech.

Sexual harassment in Silicon Valley has once again taken center stage, starting with Susan Fowler reporting on her experiences as an SRE at Uber, followed by other similar accounts at Uber and elsewhere. This issue hits rather close to home, from the lack of women's leather jackets to the revelation of a harassment investigation of a long-time Google exec to so many stories I've heard from others in the industry. Really the only positive thing to say is that these stories are getting more publicity, and that this is a more teachable moment than many.

In fun industry news, this has been a month of conferences. Spanner featured prominently at Google Cloud Next, with a Spanner demo and more in-depth presentations. This week I went to SREcon, where I caught up with several visiting and former coworkers.

So what have I been doing besides working too much? (Oh how I loathe performance review season!) Reading and swimming, as usual. The weather has been quite warm, and the beets in particular have really taken off. We've had a few peas, but not many, and we ate a lot of parsley, before declaring the rest, along with the garlic, too buggy. The lime and lemon trees are flowering. We have some unknown volunteer tomatoes, and we planted two purple ones as well.

And finally, since this post is really a collection of links, anyone concerned about digital privacy while traveling should read the EFF's guide to Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border.


Cloud Spanner launch!

aka, my day job :)

For gory details see the Introducing Cloud Spanner post (plus the obligatory CAP theorem discussion).

Or here's my much shorter and less jargony version: Google has used Spanner internally for years. It has all the things relational SQL database folks love, scales to huge sizes like bigtable and other NoSQL systems, has replication and high-availability, and is now in Beta for Google Cloud Platform customers to use. Oh, and I work in an office with a giant spanner wrench and a fluffy white cloud.


Work, etc.

I haven't written much about work recently, so here are a few brief updates. I now have a fully-staffed team, having recently hired 2 new people. Last quarter I wrote an informal doc about disability aimed at managers, which now has me becoming more involved in that area. And this week I went to NYC for a summit.

And while it's not quite work, Google campuses (like those of some other tech companies) have been the site of "No Ban, No Wall" rallies.


Ordinary life stuff.

I've altered my swim routine, so I'm only swimming 5-6 days a week, but many of my swims are now at least an hour long. I'm hanging out at home, reading a lot and making ice cream. I've also been getting out and seeing people. I went to D's engagement party, where I met her family and saw some coworkers. I had tea with C, who loaned me a wheelchair, and brunch with K. I braved a rainy drive to visit my former Finnish classmates, who loaded me up with tangerines, which was especially good because our tangerine didn't produce this year. Otherwise, the garden is doing well for this time of year. We returned from our travels to the surprise of ripe peas, as well as the last of the lemons that we hadn't yet picked. The parsley is thriving, some of the indoor herbs are surviving, and the beets and garlic are growing aboveground, so presumably they are doing something underground too.

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